Recent Works

The notion of memory is a chimerical dream, 2024

The notion of memory is a chimerical dream investigates the fragility and fallibility of memory by representing the mind as a construction site. Recent studies have revealed that forgetting is not a glitch in our memory, but a distinct and purposeful force. Using every-day objects from interior and exterior spaces in the artist’s life, the ever-fading, intangible ghosts of past thoughts, feelings, and experiences are captured in the bioplastic sculptures. They will eventually deteriorate as just the memories do, becoming an unearthly reification of how memory functions in the brain.

“We are our memory, / we are this chimerical museum of shifting forms, / this heap of broken mirrors”
–Jorge Luis Borges

Photos by Em Moor.

City Skins, 2023

City Skins is a series of flexible latex casts taken from the urban landscape. The work looks at using things that go unseen in a modern environment as a non-traditional way of mapping. In making the casts I spend long periods of time waiting for the latex to cure, solidifying memory, and forming intimate connections with the objects.

Photos by Vivian Zeng. 

In Place of You, 2022

In Place of You speaks to the complex kinship between objects and memories. While using everyday objects from my life as containers for feelings and experiences, I have found that objects most often fail to hold all of the meaning I try to instil within them. The imperfect copies of the objects embodied in the translucent, latex skins show the slippages of memory. These multiple, flawed, ghost-like layers suggest a shared history and investigate the intricacy of human relationships.

Photos by Loanne II Tran.